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Front wipers (windshield wipers)
BMW M4 [G82/G83] since 2020

Please note: на данном авто форсунка омывателя расположена на держателе дворника, поэтому корректно устанавливаются и работают только приведенные ниже щетки


Front, 2 wipers
600+480 mm
620 UAH

• budget option of frameless wipers
• compromise solution in terms of price and service life
• wipers on the ukrainian market since 2010
• work equally well at any time of the year
• work great at any speed
• made under the control of in China

reasonably economical wipers для BMW M4

Trico Flex

Front, 2 wipers
600+480 mm
1000 UAH

• mass series of frameless Trico wipers
• proven wipers that have earned popularity in the American market
• in comparison with Neoform, the lifetime is increased from 1 to 1.5 million cycles
• the best price-quality ratio among frameless wipers
• clean windshield equally well in any weather
• brand from USA, production in Mexico

great wipers для BMW M4

Trico Ice

Front, 2 wipers
600+480 mm
1210 UAH

• the best frameless winter wipers in the world
• originally designed for the demanding US market and snowy conditions
• кeinforced "bulldozer" design perfectly copes with the spreading of snow
• rubber coating contains Teflon®, reducing frostbite on the wiper body
• perform better than other brushes in the cold season
• brand from USA, production in Mexico

perfect winter wipers для BMW M4
Передние дворники на BMW M4: Bosch Aerotwin
Передние дворники на BMW M4: Bosch Aerotwin, еще картинка

Bosch Aerotwin

Front, 2 wipers
600+475 mm
1265 UAH

• the most popular frameless wipers in the EU and Ukraine for over 20 years
the design of the mounts was developed specifically for arms with nozzles: easy installation and better looking
• tested at higher speeds
• equipped with a cleaning rubber with a complex patented composition
• clean equally well at any time of the year
• rubber with innovative polymer coating Power Protection Plus - less wear, quieter operation
• made in Belgium

optimal wipers для BMW M4

Valeo HydroConnect

Front, 2 wipers
600+480 mm
1575 UAH, скидка –10%
1415 UAH

Sale! Get ready for the rain, Valeo French wipers are on sale!

• the most technologically advanced line of frameless wipers from a leading auto parts manufacturer - French Valeo
• asymmetric spoiler - perfect aerodynamics at any speed
• protective coating on the body, increasing the life of the wipers
• laconic design - a godsend for connoisseurs of minimalism
• ergonomic mountings - easy installation
• wipers and other auto parts of this manufacturer are installed as original on a number of cars: BMW, Renault, Ford, GM and others
• made in France

uncompromising wipers для BMW M4

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