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What is a windshield wiper made of?

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Rear wiper design

In order for you to understand exactly what part is needed, it is important to understand the design of the rear wiper. Sometimes we encounter confusion in terminology: for example, each motorist calls the same spare parts or consumables by different names, which can lead to misunderstanding. Take a look at the photo below:

Wiper design Rear wiper

In reality, it may look different on a car, because there are hundreds of types of mounts and design features for both wipers and holders. But conceptually, going to the back door (trunk lid) of your car, you will see something like this rear wiper:

Rear wiper

We note that in our store we constantly have rear wiper blades for almost all existing cars. We strongly recommend that you choose a rear wiper for a car using our catalog, which has existed and is constantly updated since 2009: this way you will protect yourself from mistakes. We sell exactly wiper blades (wipers).

The design of the front wiper

With front wipers, the situation is even simpler. But technically everything is the same as with the rear wipers:

Front wiper mounting

Now you know what windshield wipers are made of! Using the catalog of the site, you can choose the right consumable, spending a minimum of time. If you still have questions - call us, we will try to help!

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