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Denso Hybrid wipers (wiper blades)

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Denso Hybrid wipers

Buy Denso wipers in Kyiv and Ukraine

Denso Hybrid wipers are very common on Japanese cars. High quality build is what characterizes Denso wipers. The rubber band of these windshield wipers is made of high quality material. Denso wipers fit snugly to the glass, operate cleanly and softly. With such performance, Denso Hybrid wipers are durable. They are suitable for certain car brands, as they are equipped only with an adapter for a hook mount. The design of the wipersis very massive, inside it is a frame with movable hinges, dressed in a powerful plastic casing. The mounting adapter is recessed into the wiper body, which means nothing will stick out.

You can buy Denso wiper blades in Kyiv at a relatively high price. The fact is that these wipers are made in Japan and are by far one of the most advanced solutions for cleaning windows. Such consumables, alas, cannot be very cheap. At the same time, the Denso Hybrid wipers require more careful handling in winter, due to their design, may in some cases be subject to snow sticking to the internal hinges. However, the experience of operating many drivers suggests that this does not happen so often and does not cause great inconvenience.

Prices for Denso wiper blades

The price of Denso wipers in Ukraine varies around 1000-1300 UAH. Considering that Denso Hybrid wiper blades are often a good (sometimes the only) solution in cases with severely curved windows or weak leash pressure, their installation can be more than justified. Do not forget about the comfort of using these consumables: Denso Hybrid wipers operate exceptionally quietly, and, by the way, look very stylish on a car.

Select Denso Hybrid wipers by car

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