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Friends, we are working! Replace your wipers on time, don't experiment with blind driving!

The main "wipers" of Ukraine =) has been selling wipers for cars since 2009 and only them. In the field of windshield wipers, no one else in Ukraine has such experience. Hundreds! thousands of drivers have chosen us and stay with us. Buying from us is simple and convenient.

You can read reviews about our work, for example, on OtzyvUA and Hotline, or typing " reviews" in Google and scrolling through a couple of pages. You can take a look at review section on our website. Or just ask your friends - someone must have heard something, and we are almost sure that this is something good.

Our store was covered by Forbes, Delo and other publications. We are more than available for communication by mail and on Facebook page.

We are fans of what we do: walking the streets, all we see are wipers on cars. We are interested in dealing with all sorts of strange attachments and wiper lengths, with the most unusual and rare cars. That is why we know everything or almost everything in the world about wipers (and we learn more and more every day).

Our goal is for people to easily and conveniently buy wipers for their cars. We want drivers not to bother with the issue of wipers for the windshield or rear window (is there nothing else to bother them with in life?), Knowing that if there are any questions, you can just call DvornikiUA, they know everything and they will tell you everything.

We are also very human and strive to make buying from us a really pleasant experience. We do not know of a single customer who has been deceived in any way by our store. We easily and without wasting the client's time change the wiper blades under warranty. We return the money if the customer desires so. We destroy our rare mistakes exclusively at our own expense.

Those guarantees that we give, no one else gives.

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Exact selection by car and 1 month warranty for all wiper blades