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Bosch Aerotwin Plus Wipers (wiper blades)

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Company Bosch maintains the dynamics of change, keeping pace with the times. This is also confirmed by the new line of wipers: Bosch Aerotwin Plus car windshield wipers are a further development of the legendary Aerotwin series, which deserves the trust of millions of motorists around the world. The changes affected a number of parameters:

- the composition of the gum has been updated, a special protective coating has been added, allowing the wipers to work even longer

- production has become even more technological: the probability of defects has decreased to a minimum

- even quieter operation of the wipers: the rubber stays elastic longer

- fastenings have become even more reliable and ergonomic

- the packaging has changed: now the wipers are even more securely protected during transportation

Frameless Bosch Aerotwin Plus wipers are installed on a number of new cars as original ones, therefore, by purchasing these consumables for your car, you get a predictably stable level of quality.

You can buy Bosch Aerotwin Plus wipers in our online store. We guarantee the originality of the product with our reputation, many years of market leadership and many positive reviews about our work. You can buy Bosch Aerotwin Plus wipers in Ukraine without the risk of running into a fake by simply calling us or placing an order through the website.

Prices for Bosch Aerotwin Plus wiper blades

Bosch has never been too low-price, and the Bosch Aerotwin Plus wipers are no exception. If you look at this issue from a philosophical point of view, such a policy becomes understandable. Goods from well-known brands a priori cannot be distinguished by a low price among analogues. But what they can do is the simplicity of choice, the fame and predictability of characteristics in particular, and the quality of products in general.

The price of the Bosch Aerotwin Plus wipers has not changed much compared to its predecessor series, which is the result of ever-increasing automation of production processes and the introduction of lean technologies.

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