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Updated design of Trico Flex wipers

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Please note that due to the transition by Trico to a new design of the Flex series and the gradual arrival of items with a changed appearance of the wiper blade and packaging into the warehouse, there may be situations when in the order you received one wiper blade will have the previous design of packaging and fastening, and the other – updated. This is normal and dictated by objective reasons: the actions of the manufacturer and the impossibility of simultaneously updating the entire warehouse. Both wipers already installed on the car will be virtually no different visually, and there will also be no difference in performance and service life. We will be grateful if you treat this issue with understanding! Read more in the text below

Trico Flex

Now, TRICO has announced that the Flex range will receive a new design, as well as new eco-friendly packaging. This involves a new wiper shaft design, entirely designed and manufactured in the EU on the company's production lines, which will ensure superior wiper blade performance in all weather conditions thanks to the latest technology in blade housing design and unique rubber composition. A simplified system for mounting wipers on arms has also been used, maintaining the same coverage due to fewer adapters. Finally, old packaging, including clamshell plastic, will also be replaced with environmentally friendly, recyclable cardboard packaging

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