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Bosch wipers (wiper blades)

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Buy Bosch wipers in Kyiv and Ukraine

Bosch wipers are the best option for those who crave the very best. This brand has been delighting its customers with wipers in Ukraine and throughout Europe for more than a decade.

The catalog of Bosch wipers has a huge number of models that differ in size and type of fasteners, but all of them are united by a characteristic that conquers all motorists - high quality and durability.

Buying car wipers in Kyiv is very convenient and fast. If you live here, the courier will deliver them to you as soon as possible, and for residents of other cities we send the package directly on the day of the order or the next day if the order was made in the evening.

The advantages of Bosch wipers:

Bosch wiper blade prices

The price of Bosch windshield wipers will allow you to get a luxurious product at an adequate cost. The online store has both frame and frameless wipers for a variety of car models, including rare ones such as the VAZ-2101 and many others.

Benefits of buying on our website:

Become our regular customers and get the highest quality products.

We have the best stock of frameless blades Bosch Aerotwin in Ukraine!

We also always have in stock even the rarest models of framed front wipers Bosch Twin , which are suitable for exceptional cars, wipers for which are difficult to find. In addition, the rear wipers of the Twin range with original attachments are always available.

At the same time, there are also wipers from the budget series of framed wipers Bosch Eco recommended for use only in the warm season and having an adapter exclusively for the hook mount

There are also wipers of the Bosch Eco series with original mounts for Lada cars, for example, VAZ 21012107.

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Exact selection by car and 1 month warranty for all wiper blades