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I made an order on the site, but no one called me back. Why?

We always call back. And we call back quickly (if the order is made during business hours), often within a few minutes after the order. If you made an order and we didn't call, then something is wrong here :) In almost 100% of cases, the reason is that you made a mistake when entering your phone number in the order form. Its easy to check: if you didnt receive an SMS message after placing an order on the site, you entered the wrong phone number. An SMS with the number and amount of the order is sent automatically to all customers who place an order through the site. In addition, there are rare cases when, due to a malfunction of your phone or technical problems with mobile operators, we cannot reach you. In any case, you can always dial us yourself at 0 800 334 777, we will definitely figure it out and provide you with wipers!

What are the delivery methods and how much does it cost?

Across Kyiv, delivery for any amount of the order is carried out free of charge by a courier who, if necessary, can help install wipers and give recommendations on care. We try to keep delivery times as short as possible. If the scheduled free delivery does not suit you, we can always arrange for you a paid express delivery, which will take less than 3 hours from the moment of order. In Ukraine, sending is carried out by Nova Poshta. At the same time, we cover all the costs of sending the wipers, the client pays only the amount of money that he sees on the site, no matter what city he is in. Yes, we also pay the commission for the return of money to Nova Poshta. All details are available in the Delivery section on the website.

Can I come to you to pick up an order?

Save your time. This is the idea of ​​​​ordering in an online store, that the order will be brought to you. In our case, it's also free. And most of the time very quickly.

Do you deliver on Sundays?

From mid-October to the end of February, delivery in Kyiv is carried out WITHOUT DAYS OFF. Check the possibility of delivery on a specific day with the manager when confirming the order.

Can you take all the options to choose on the spot?

Our couriers take the load for the whole day, move on their own, so it is very difficult to choose the entire range. Reduce your choice to two sets - we'll bring you a choice.

Do you change wipers and how long does it take?

Inform the manager when confirming the order that you need installation. The courier who came to you can replace the wipers, it takes no more than ten minutes, as a rule - less than 5 minutes. The only exceptions are cases when it is very cold outside and we cannot replace the rear wipers, since they are plastic, and plastic loses its properties in the cold and becomes quite brittle. Accordingly, there is a risk of breaking the leash when replacing.

Is it difficult to replace the wipers yourself?

Not difficult. If you are in Kyiv, our couriers will always be happy to help you, show you how your wipers are installed. Also on the site, when selecting by car, almost every item has a link to a video of our production, which shows in detail the process of installing and dismantling wipers. You can also explore our YouTube channel, there are videos for most of the proposed at the wiper blades shop. Almost every package with wipers has instructions with photos, you can also see installation diagrams on our website for all the main types of wiper attachments. If you have any problems with the installation, we are always ready to help you.

Can I find the same wipers cheaper than yours?

Of course you can. BUT. Keep in mind that in some places the cost of delivery is 40-100 hryvnia, while with us it is free. The cost of Bosch wipers is recommended by the manufacturer, and if you see, for example, a Bosch Aerotwin kit at a price of 350 hryvnia, know that you are seeing a fake handicraft and of the corresponding quality, or the product is not the first freshness. Our prices are among the best on the market, we deliver and install wipers for free if necessary, and we are the only ones who give an unconditional 1 month guarantee on wipers. Therefore, we believe that the prices in our store are adequate and fair.

Why is the warranty only a month?

It should be understood that windshield wiper manufacturers do not provide a guarantee for their product and a month warranty from our store is nothing but our desire to serve customers at a decent level. Guarantee is our initiative and is financed exclusively by us without any help from windscreen wiper manufacturers and dealers.

Do you work by bank transfer?

We work, the scheme is usual: invoice -> payment -> wipers and a package of documents. More details can be found in relevant section.

Why is it better to choose wipers according to the car?

If you choose wipers only by length, there is a big chance not to guess with the mount. Some automakers use rather rare types of fasteners; the choice of wipers according to the car model eliminates such errors.

Why is one wiper longer than the other?

Because the longer wiper is mounted in front of the driver for maximum visibility. And a good view from the driver, as you know, is the key to your safety. Most often, car wipers have different lengths, although there are many cars with the same front wipers, and on several models, the passenger blade is even longer than the driver's. In any case, we recommend that you trust our catalog when choosing, then you will definitely not miss!

Why can wipers with the same size differ in price?

The cost of wipers depends not only and not so much on the size, but on the type of fastening. The principle is simple - the rarer a certain type of attachment is, the fewer such wipers are produced by the manufacturer of wipers and, accordingly, the more expensive he offers them to us. Naturally, this is reflected in the final price for the consumer.

What is the difference between framed and frameless wipers?

These are two fundamentally different technologies for the production of wipers. At framed wiper (produced for several decades), the rubber is pressed against the glass by a metal frame (which is why they are called "framed"), consisting of metal "rocker arms" pressing the elastic at 4, 6 or 8 points. frameless wipers (they are also called spineless, cilia, non-contact, and, for some reason, silicone) there is no metal frame, and the rubber is pressed against the glass by a metal plate hidden inside the wiper. Frameless wipers are more modern and versatile in their properties.

Is there a frameless rear wiper for my car?

In most cases, the rear wiper, like the rear leash, is a plastic frame and it is impossible to replace it with a frameless one - manufacturers do not produce similar wipers in a frameless version. If we have a framed wiper on our website in the Rear section, then a frameless analogue does not exist in nature.

What are hybrid wipers?

This is a new technology for the manufacture of wipers, which combines the advantages of framed and frameless wipers. Due to the design features, hybrids are tightly pressed against the glass, like frame ones, while at the same time they completely repeat the advantages of frameless wipers (they do not freeze in winter, they have the shape of a spoiler). The store offers wipers of this design from two leading brands: Trico Hybrid and Denso Hybrid. You can read more about hybrid wiper blades in relevant section of our website.

Are there hybrid wipers for my car?

Hybrid wipers are currently produced exclusively for hook mounting, wipers with other types of fasteners can be either framed (in rare cases) or frameless (most often). In any case, the information on the site is always up to date - choose wipers using the selection by car, and you will definitely see all the current options that fit your car!

What are winter wipers?

Winter wipers are designed for the most comfortable driving in the cold season and can be of two main types: cases and frameless with teflon coating. We definitely recommend and offer on our website only the second option, represented by the line Trico Ice, i.e. to. the first refers to outdated technology and does not provide adequate protection for the wiper from clogging with snow and freezing. Advantages of the second option is obvious: there is simply nowhere to get snow (the wiper does not have a metal frame), and the Teflon coating copes with preventing severe freezing much better than a plastic casing. In addition, the Trico Ice wiper has a "bulldozer" shape, thanks to which it does an excellent job of raking heavy rainfall from the glass.

Why is it so hard to find a rear wiper for my car?

Most rear wipers are designed in terms of mounting and shape so that any replacements will have exactly the same appearance as the original, otherwise it will simply be impossible to install them. The exception is the hook mount, in which case there is a choice between frame and frameless wipers. In the rest of the majority, rear wipers are considered framed, but are made of plastic (which eliminates icing in the winter) or have a frameless design with an unusual mount other than a hook.

Do you have leashes (they are also holders, levers) for wipers?

Globally - no, and not planned.

How often should wipers be changed?

The service life of the wipers is very individual, it cannot be measured by mileage or time, it is influenced by factors such as intensity of use, rainfall, the place where the car is most often parked (direct sunlight greatly reduces the life of the wiper rubber), glass roughness, the amount of dust, etc. debris falling under the rubber band. Manufacturers recommend changing wipers every six months, but this period was calculated based on the maximum load on them, so our store recommends changing wipers once a year.

How to properly care for the wipers?

To extend the life of the windshield wipers, you should periodically wash the glass, wipe the rubber of the wiper with a regular damp cloth, do not remove leaves and other small debris adhering to the glass with the help of wipers, do not turn on the wipers on cold glass in winter (the rubber may freeze and come off at the beginning of work). For more tips on caring for wipers, read in the appropriate section on the website.

What is a multiclip?

This is a windshield wiper with a universal mount, suitable for different cars. To date, all major wiper manufacturers come to replace wipers with individual mounts with wipers with a set of adapters (multi-clip). This does not affect the reliability of the attachment of the wipers or its durability. And if you order at, you may not notice that the wipers were completed with a set of adapters, because we immediately install the necessary fastening for you in the warehouse, so you dont have to deal with applications and a designer :) The exception is wipers in packages that it is impossible to carefully open without damaging the presentation. In any case, we can always advise you by phone or send a video - you will understand without difficulty!

Is a spoiler on the wipers required?

In the 21st century - no :) The fact is that such a detail as a spoiler was previously used on frame wipers to improve pressure at high speeds. Now, with the improvement of production technologies for windshield wipers (trapezoid, springs, etc.) in combination with the widespread displacement of old frame predecessors by frameless and hybrid wipers, individual spoilers as such have almost disappeared. In addition, according to the feedback of our customers, the spoiler did not particularly affect the quality of pressing the wipers to the glass. One way or another, we recommend using frameless or hybrid wipers, if available for your car - they are already made in the form of a spoiler and do not require any additional devices for good clamping.

Where are your wipers made?

Trico the front ones are produced at the plant in Mexico, the rear ones are partly Mexico, partly China. Bosch front frameless wipers are produced almost all in Belgium and Serbia, a small part at a new factory in China. Bosch Eco is a budget series and is produced only in China, Bosch Twin is produced in Belgium, Germany, Romania and the Czech Republic. Rear Bosch - in Belgium, China, Czech Republic. Wiperblades is a Ukrainian trademark produced at a factory in China under the control of Dvorniki.UA. Blades Denso are made in Japan, and wipers Valeo - in France. In any case, under each positionThe country of manufacture is indicated on the website.

Why is only the rear (passenger, driver) wiper offered when choosing on your site?

This happens on the rare occasions when we run out of wiper sets for some vehicles. As a rule, the next day the section is filled.

You don't have my car in your catalog, what should I do?

Write us a letter indicating the brand of car, or just call us back. If you are an "advanced" user, indicate the type of attachment and dimensions of the wipers, you can attach a photo - 99% chance that we will select the right product for you.

Do you have wipers for trucks?

For a number of common trucks - yes. But, unfortunately, in the catalogs of manufacturers, freight transport is presented rather poorly, however, we always try to find the right product for the client. A little information is required from you: the length of the wipers, the mount (there will be a photo - just super), if any, the article number of the wipers that you have now. In extreme cases, you just need a little patience: our managers will write down your contacts and search for goods from manufacturers, the next day at the latest we will be ready to offer you options, cost and delivery time.

Can I buy only one front wiper instead of a pair?

In most cases this is possible. The only exceptions are cases when for a certain car with a rare windshield wiper mount there is only one version of the wipers, and it is supplied as a set in one box. Naturally, it would be incorrect to tear open the box and sell the wipers one at a time.

Do you have white (red, pink, blue) wipers?

No, and it does not happen, all the wipers of the main manufacturers are exclusively black.

Can you be trusted?

For information about our store, you can find reviews about us on the Internet, you can visit our page at Facebook and learn about our vision of doing business and serving customers. In the end, just ask your friends - we have been on the market since 2009, and probably one of them has ordered from us and can share their impressions.

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