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Wiper blades Trico Hybrid (Fit)

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Trico Hybrid (Fit), wipers, wiper blades

Buy Trico Hybrid (Fit) wipers in Kyiv and Ukraine

Trico Hybrid (Fit) wipers are undoubtedly the best hybrid wipers that have been thoroughly tested in operation at speeds over 190 km/h. The test result was simply amazing: the windshield wipers did a perfect job of cleaning the windows.

The Trico Hybrid wiper blades are made with wear-resistant materials, such as the gum made of high-quality graphite-coated rubber. The wiper is made on a frameless basis and is reinforced with a plastic overlay that creates additional pressure points against the glass. The absence of metal in the design significantly reduces the dependence of wipers on weather conditions in winter.

In the production of these models, a number of mistakes and shortcomings inherent in other types of hybrid wipers have been eliminated. Therefore, we can safely call these wipers one of the best car wipers on the market in general and among hybrid wipers in particular.

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It is not easy to buy Trico Hybrid wipers in Kyiv, which would not be a fake. Our store is the official partner of the manufacturer of these products, so we can assure you that you will receive Trico Hybrid wipers.

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