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Winter wiper blades

Trico Ice
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Winter wipers

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Before winter, car owners try to equip and supplement their vehicles with special devices, including wipers, so that visibility on the road is many times better. Winter windshield wipers are a modern innovation that aims to facilitate the process of car owner care for his car.

Winter car wipers outwardly do not differ much from conventional wipers. Nevertheless, products of the line Trico Ice from the auto parts manufacturer of the same name Trico, have managed to establish themselves as a unique profitable investment for the winter.

There are several characteristics that distinguish winter wipers from ordinary frame or frameless wipers:

The difference between frameless, classic winter and frame wipers can best be seen in the picture:

The difference between frame, frameless and winter wipers

Prices for winter car wiper blades

It is important to emphasize that we only recommend proven and reliable wiper models. It will not be difficult to buy winter wiper blades in Kyiv from our online store. In just a couple of minutes, you will pick up a new profitable option for the winter wipers by car brand, which will become an interesting practical new thing on the way. Let us emphasize that Trico Ice wipers are leaders in the automotive market in terms of its composition. They are specially designed for low temperatures, and the presence of Teflon is the right step towards creating flawless wiper models. In addition, our price for winter wipers for cars is quite affordable. The long service life of the wipers presented in the catalog is our guarantee of your right choice.

Trico Ice
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