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Frame wipers (wiper blades)

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Framed wipers

Buy framed wipers in Kyiv and Ukraine

Buying wiper blades can be an interesting and rewarding pastime. To choose the right frame car wipers, you need to know a little about the structure, details and applications.

Frame wipers for cars, thanks to a special manufacturing technology used by popular brands for more than half a century, are a fairly popular windshield wiper model. Hinged (frame) models of wipers are equipped with a metal frame and clamps moving on hinges.

Also, hinged wipers have a number of advantages that we can highlight:

Note that for some rare cars, modern motorists can buy combined frame wipers in Kyiv from us. Articulated wipers with a spoiler are used on the driver's side, and ordinary frame wipers are mounted on the passenger side. In addition, they are suitable for the rear window.

Framed wiper with spoiler

Price for framed wiper blades

In the catalog of our online store, we have collected only proven reliable models that have shown the best results and emphasized their importance for a complete car.

Price for framed wiper blades from popular lines Bosch Twin and Trico Exactfit is justified by professionally made details, secure fastening and easy replacement. At the same time, budget frame wipers Bosch Eco are always available for hook mounting. We deliver an affordable quality purchase throughout the country free of charge, quickly and reliably.

The difference between framed and frameless wipers is best shown in the picture:
The difference between frame and frameless wipers

Trico Exactfit | Bosch Twin | Bosch Eco
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