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SWF wiper blades

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SWF wiper blades

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Since 2009, while selling wiper bladess we managed to learn almost everything about almost all consumables of this group. SWF are no exception. The first thing you should know when looking for SWF wiper blades for a car on the Internet - the main product lines are no longer officially supplied to Ukraine. You can find on sale either the remnants of previous deliveries (like ours), or illegally imported goods, or even fakes. The German SWF brand, which is part of the French giant Valeo, is known for producing consumables for some cars, which are installed directly from the conveyor. The quality of these parts is top notch, SWF wipers correspond to the general level of the company. But having managed to work with this brand for some time, we can tell you the following:
If you are still determined to buy SWF wipers in Kiev or the rest of Ukraine, we advise you to consider the above arguments and, perhaps, reconsider your choice in favor of more relevant ones. If you are a supporter of the European school of windshield wipers, pay attention to the excellent brushes from Valeo or conservative cleaners Bosch.

Prices for SWF wiper blades

We note that the price of SWF wipers in Ukraine is very different depending on the product line under consideration. But in any case, SWF wipers will not be cheap. Most often, if you find this brand at all in other stores, the origin of the wipers will be dubious. Given the significant cost, the lack of significant advantages over competitors, we cannot recommend SWF wipers for purchase. The only exception is a special offer for these brushes in our store. We can still offer you the remnants of these wipers for some cars at a relatively low price with a one-month warranty. Unlike unverified places, buying from us you do not risk anything!

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