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Front wipers (windshield wipers)
BMW iX3 [G08] since 2020


Front, 2 wipers
650+500 mm
650 UAH

Х budget option of frameless wipers
Х compromise solution in terms of price and service life
Х wipers on the ukrainian market since 2010
Х work equally well at any time of the year
Х work great at any speed
Х made under the control of in China

reasonably economical wipers дл€ BMW iX3

Bosch Aerotwin

Front, 2 wipers
650+500 mm
1945 UAH

Х the most popular frameless wipers in the EU and Ukraine for over 15 years
Х have a very rare original mount
Х tested at higher speeds
Х equipped with a cleaning rubber with a complex patented composition
Х clean equally well at any time of the year
Х rubber with innovative polymer coating Power Protection Plus - less wear, quieter operation
Х made in Serbia

optimal wipers дл€ BMW iX3

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