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Front wipers (windshield wipers)
BMW 5/M5 [E28] 1981 – 1987


Bosch Eco

Front, 2 wipers
450+450 mm
430 UAH

• budget option of framed Bosch wipers
• have an all-metal frame, rather than plastic-metal like other inexpensive wipers
• rubbing elastic - 100% natural rubber
• work better in the warm season
• the design of the wiper makes it possible to replace the rubber
• made in China

economy wipers для BMW 5/M5


Front, 2 wipers
450+450 mm
670 UAH

• budget option of frameless wipers
• compromise solution in terms of price and service life
• wipers on the ukrainian market since 2010
• work equally well at any time of the year
• work great at any speed
• made under the control of in China

reasonably economical wipers для BMW 5/M5

Bosch Aerotwin

Front, 2 wipers
450+450 mm
970 UAH

• the most popular frameless wipers in the EU and Ukraine for over 20 years
• have a conservative appearance
• tested at higher speeds
• equipped with a cleaning rubber with a complex patented composition
• clean equally well at any time of the year
• rubber with innovative polymer coating Power Protection Plus - less wear, quieter operation
• вироблені в Сербії

optimal wipers для BMW 5/M5

Trico Flex

Front, 2 wipers
450+450 mm
1020 UAH

• mass series of frameless Trico wipers
• proven wipers that have earned popularity in the American market
• in comparison with Neoform, the lifetime is increased from 1 to 1.5 million cycles
• the best price-quality ratio among frameless wipers
• clean windshield equally well in any weather
• brand from USA, production in Mexico

great wipers для BMW 5/M5

Trico Force

Front, 2 wipers
450+450 mm
1260 UAH

• Vortec™ airfoil for maximum windshield contact
• Unique spoiler reduces brush lift at speeds up to 220 km/h
• ensures quiet operation with minimal vibration
• the best frameless brushes on the market
• one-piece design of the windscreen wiper does not clog with snow and ice
• brand from USA, production in Mexico

super wipers для BMW 5/M5

Denso Hybrid

Front, 2 wipers
450+450 mm
1300 UAH

• Denso hybrid wipers are one of the most expensive and high quality wiper blades in the world
• thanks to hybrid technology, they adhere perfectly fir to the windshield, even at edges, like framed wipers and have excellent aerodynamic characteristics, like frameless wipers
• installed on many premium cars directly from the assembly line
• unprecedentedly longterm and silent service
• easy to install, do not have protruding elements, look stylish and unobtrusive on the car
• made in Japan

ultra tech wipers для BMW 5/M5

Trico Hybrid

Front, 2 wipers
450+450 mm
1450 UAH, скидка –10%
1300 UAH

• the most balanced hybrid wipers in the world
• tested at higher speeds (190 km/h)
• part of the Trico Exactfit series, ideal fit to the surface of the windshield
• work very quietly, do not make noise and do not creak
• few passes are enough to completely clean the windshield (saving washer fluid)
• do not have a metal frame inside, work well at any time of the year
• brand from USA, production in Mexico

premium wipers для BMW 5/M5

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