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Front wipers (windshield wipers)
Audi A6(S6)/A6(S6) Avant [седан/универсал;C8] since 2018 [форсунки на держателях]

Передние дворники на Audi A6(S6)/A6(S6) Avant: Valeo Silencio Flat

Valeo Silencio Flat

Front, 2 wipers
625+500 mm
1995 UAH

• the most technologically advanced line of frameless wipers from a leading auto parts manufacturer - French Valeo
have a very rare and unusual leash attachment with nozzles specially for some Audi models
• fastening immediately without adapters, the original length of the wipers - especially for your car
• asymmetric spoiler - perfect aerodynamics at any speed
• protective coating on the body, increasing the service life of the wipers
• made in France

unconditional premium для Audi A6(S6)/A6(S6) Avant

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» Audi A6(S6)/A6(S6) Avant [седан/универсал;C8] с 2018-го [форсунки на кузове]
» Audi A6(S6)/A6(S6) Avant [седан/универсал;C8] с 2018-го [форсунки на держателях]
» Audi A6(S6)/A6(S6) Avant [седан/универсал;C7] 2010 – 2018 [необычное крепление]
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» Audi A6(S6)/A6(S6) Avant [седан/универсал;C4] 1994 – 1997 [крепление «крючок»]

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