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Front wipers (windshield wipers)
BMW 2 [G42/G43] since 2021

   BMW 2: Original


For this model of auto, the front wipers have such specific mounts or lengths that they can only be replaced with original ones, at branded service stations (although they may not be there either)

Sometimes it makes sense to take a picture of your wiper mounts and measure their length, and then send this information to us for further selection of brushes. Specify details with the manager

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» BMW 2 [G42/G43] 2021-
» BMW 2 [F44] [Coupe] 2019-
» BMW 2 [F46] [Gran Tourer] 2015-
» BMW 2 [F45] [Active Tourer] 2014-
» BMW 2 [F22/F23] [Coupe/Cabrio] 2013-

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